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Toni and Pete Kellers, shepherds
As shepherds we are always involved in promoting sheep, spinning, and sheep products. Toni is available to do spinning demonstations at fairs, schools, and other events. Pete often accompanies her to weave. She teaches the history of fabric-making around the world, and particularly in early Pennsylvania., demonstrating the skills involved. She arrives in period costume and when possible for the venue she brings along a petting sheep. Since she is  a former teacher she is comfortable with both children and adults. Fees vary, so contact us and outline your needs.


Puppetry has been a hobby for Toni since she went to the Cincinnati Art Museum for summer classes as a child. Here you see her at a street fair with her puppets Henrietta Hampshire and Charlene Cheviot, two of her favorite characters. She introduces the children to books about farm animals and encourages audience participation. This time she was accompanied by Checker the Cheviot lamb in his public debut.

Salem County, NJ Harvest Festival

At shows we always set up an informational display about our sheep, sheep in general, and fiber crafts. We have brochures that feature our sheep, and in these venues we love to talk to visitors while we spin, weave, and/or knit!

Rhinebeck, NY 2008

The fall Fair in Rhinebeck, NY, is always great fun. We show off our sheep in the Breeds Barn, where we meet many new friends and can sing the praises of this wonderful breed. This year Charlotte and Darra posed for cameras, while Toni spun purple roving into purple yarn and visited with the hundreds of people who stopped to see us.

Pete and Toni frequently team up to demonstrate fiber and fiber arts. Toni is the spinner and Pete is the weaver.They bring along an educational display of fiber and fiber arts (a "please touch" exhibit!), giving history and background - particularly for the Pennsylvania frontier. This is all in appropriate costume, of course! This picture was taken at the "Ewe to You" program presented by Deleware Valley Coolege. Toni also has donated her time to support the DelVal "A-Day Fair" which has grown to be an official Pennsylvania fair.


In general, the fee for demonstrations is $75/4hours per person. There is a mileage charge for distances more than 30 miles. Sheep do not count as people, even though they think they should!