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We hit the "trifecta" at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Show
Morning Star is being very patient with her amateur shearer. I only hand shear 1 or 2 a year.


Friends of ours live in Kyrgyzstan, and were able to distribute warm clothing to the children in their town. Toni had a stash of children's hats that she sent to them. These two happy boys are wearing their new hats knitted from homespun wool from our sheep. The natural colors are one of Toni's favorite combinations.

Raw Fleeces
 Cheviot fleeces are unique in their crimp. While other breeds have a flat wave of crimp, ours have a helical, or corkscrew  crimp. This tends to add loft to the yarn. It is ideal for blending with flat fibers such as mohair. Although you can felt it, the crimp limits the success in this area. One felter I deal with buys it anyway - she says she just beats it into submission! It is a medium wool and the staple runs from 2 1/2 to a full 4 inches. This makes it very easy  to draft. As a judge said to me when I first began promoting this breed, "they are the best-kept secret in spinning". It is easy to process or spin "in the grease" because it is fairly dry - not greasy.
We sheared at the end of April, and sold several of our 25 fleeces at the shearing and we have sold several more here at the farm.  They run from 3 to 4 pounds each and are easily shipped. In September we will take them ot the New Jersey Sheep and Wool Festival and sell them there. Possibly a few will come home again - I will update the website then. All of my fleeces are skirted right out of the field and then later skirted again and picked. One of the NJ judges came to me and said my group was the most well-presented fleeces he had seen. I do take pride in getting them ready to be washed and carded. Our fields are clean and my winter hay feeders are specially designed to avoid VM contamination. A small sample is available by mail of any fleece and includes the name of the sheep and a snapshot where possible.

We have a large selection of roving available just now. We pulled out a very desirable group of fleeces from last year's NJ show and gave them to our frends at Cloudberry Mill for processing. They did their usual great job. Roving sells for $20/lb and is only made from our best fleeces. The dilute black (a tweedy mix of black and white fibers) varies in shade from light to dark grey. We have discovered that this particular wool dyes very beautifully, with the white fibers taking up the color, and the black fibers muting it.  I call them "jewel tones". Small samples of the fleeces I will list (as soon as the dust settles!) are available free, so that you can make an educated choice. Where possible I include a snapshot and name of the sheep.

The Shepherd's Croft 
Toni and Peter Kellers, shepherds
721 Cedar Lane, Perkasie PA 18944