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purebred ewe and lambs

       Good example of the"Roman nose"
American Miniature Cheviot Sheep
Cheviot sheep originated in the Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland. They were introduced to this country in 1838. Border Cheviots are small, hardy sheep that spend their lives on the moors. In the US they have become larger than their ancestors from the UK (as have many breeds of sheep), so the American Miniature Cheviot Registry was formed to preserve the original size. They are white or dilute black (a combination of black and white fibers that give a heather grey effect when carded), with small heads and erect, pointed ears. They lamb easily. Their fleeces provide a medium wool with a distinctive helical crimp. This crimp creates a desirable loft and along with the long staple makes it a very easy-to-spin spinners wool.
                                 Nap time


    Black Ewe and unrelated lamb - Rhinebeck Show



                                                      They are not all hers! 

    Cheviot/Shetland cross bred - great! 

        King David - - ram lamb