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All of our lambs are priced at $250. 
If you are interested in acquiring lambs next spring I suggest that you contact me with your preference now. I accept a $50 deposit that will be held until lambing is over in April. If the Good Lord sends us the lambs we need you will be notified at that time. If we are unable to fill your order the $50 is refunded. If you are looking for breeding stock please be aware that all ram lambs are wethered in the before September 1, so it is important that you let us know about wethering when you order. Wethers make wonderful fleece sheep, companions, pets, lawn mowers, lawn ornaments, and dog trainers. Because the cost of surgical wethering has risen so much we have had to turn to banding them (done by a vet) before they are 2 weeks old. This cost is included in their price. We dock tails at 3 days unless requested otherwise. We are careful not to dock the tail so as to cut important tendons or expose the anal area.
 Wethers and Breeding Rams will be available. We remind you that if you want a fiber sheep, wethers are a good choice - their fleeces are often the nicest, and they can live with anyone!



The Shepherd's Croft 
Toni and Peter Kellers, Shepherds
721 Cedar Lane, Perkasie PA 18944